Monday, July 6, 2009

Topshe Maach bhaja...or crunchy Topshe Fry

This is a personal favorite and every time I am home I make sure Bhalomashi (my maternal aunt) cooks this for us. A simple fish dish and really easy to make... that is if the fish is available.
Topshe is a typical sweet water fish with a central bone . The flesh is chunky and cooks very easily. There is not much kaanta or bones and so quite easy to manage.
And Topshe maach bhaja is a traditional Bengali way of preparing this fish. I have had this fish only this way.... deep fried and served hot and crispy..

Prepararion of the fish:

topshe fish- 5-6 cleaned and descaled
turmeric-3-4 tbsp
onion-ginger paste-4 tbsp
chickpea flour batter-5tbsp dissolved in water without any lumps (note that the batter should not be watery)
oil to deep fry

Rub the fishes with turmeric, onion-ginger paste and salt and keep them aside for an hour before serving.
Make the batter and keep it aside.
Heat oil in a pan .
When the oil is smoking, dip the fishes in the batter, coat evenly and fry to a golden brown on both sides.
Serve piping hot and.... Enjoy!

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