Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kosha mangsho or Bengali Goat curry....

As I am writing this post... I am thinking how soon I can coax C to get the fresh goat again (not a live goat.. silly! just the meat)... umm... C does not need much coaxing though.....
We get fresh goat meat from the nearby Indian store.... and who can resist the lure of kochi patha r jhol on a leisurely Sunday mornings!:)
I decided on this particular recipe...since I was not in the mood for jhol.... Kosha Mangsho is a slightly richer version but hey! I love to indulge once in a while!
The way I chose to cook this meat was the slow cooking process.... it is long and painstaking but totally worth it!

I have had this dish a million times both at home and outside... but still I cannot seem to get enough of it! Baba would get the freshest and tenderest goat meat and Ma would cook this with all the personal touches and the air would be filled with the aroma of the spices and the stew....Oh! those sunday lunches would be such a treat! Just hot steaming rice and mutton .... and nothing in this whole wide world can match that!

What you need:

fresh mutton- ~ 1 lb
red onions- 1 small made into a paste and 3 large chopped fine
ginger-2 tbsp
garlic paste-2 tbsp
potatoes-3 large quartered
yogurt-3 tbsp
2 red chillies+2 green cardamom+4cloves+1 stick cinnamon+1 black cardamom+1/2 tbsp cumin- dry roasted and coarsely ground
tomatoes-2 medium sized diced
coriander powder-1 tsp
cumin seeds-1 tsp
mustard oil-around 1/4 cup
turmeric-2 tsp
bay leaf- 1
green chillies- 2-3 slit
coriander leaves-a handful

Clean the mutton pieces and marinate with 1 tsp ginger paste, 1 tsp garlic paste ,the onion paste and turmeric for at least 2-3 hours.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker and lightly fry the potatoes. Set them aside.
Now in the remaining oil sizzle the cumin seeds, green chillies and the bay leaf.
Next add the onions and the remaining ginger garlic paste with a pinch of sugar.
Put the heat on medium and fry the onions until they just start caramelizing. This will take around 10-15 minutes depending on the strength of your gas flame.
Start adding the mutton pieces one by one making sure to coat them evenly with the onions.
After all the pieces have been added , add the dry spice powder , give them a quick stir, add some salt and cover with the lid.( just cover with any lid do not pressure cook).Put the heat on low medium.All the juices from the onion will come out and the mutton will cook in that. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER.
Let the mutton cook on low heat.
Keep an eye on the pot. Stir every 4-5 minutes.After around 20 minutes add the tomatoes.The tomatoes will further release water. Cover and continue cooking.
After 10-15 minutes when all the water from the gravy starts drying up, mix the coriander powder in the yogurt and add to the cooker. Stir , cover and cook for another 15-20 minutes.
After around 55-60 minutes you will notice that all the onions and tomatoes have melted into a gravy and the mutton is around 2/3 cooked.
If you find there is enough water from the tomatoes and yogurt already in the cooker do not add water .But if it is too dry, just sprinkle enough water, add the potatoes and pressure cook for 3 quick cities.
Put off the gas, let the cooker sit for another 10 minutes and then open.
Add the coriander and get ready for the yummiest lunch /dinner ever!

P.S. You can replace mustard oil with white/canola oil but the heat from the mustard oil gives the real kick to the curry.

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