Saturday, December 26, 2009

Triple chocolate cheesecake !

Ah!!! The year end festivities and the gooey cakes! Lovely!
Wanted a decadent cake this time with the chocolate and cheese and that's what I got....
I mixed and matched a number of recipes and this is what I landed up with! And I am not complaining!

Dry Ingredients:
flour--1 and 2/3 cups
corn flour-- 1/3 cup
baking soda--1 tsp
baking powder--1 tsp
cocoa powder--4 tbsp
salt-a pinch

Wet Ingredients:
eggs--2 beaten lightly
brown sugar-1 and 3/4 cup
butter- 10 tbsp
chocolate chunks-1/2 cup

light cream-2 cup
chocolate chip-2cup
butter-5 tbsp melted

light cream cheese--2 cup at room temperature
chopped hazelnuts-- to garnish

Mix the dry ingredients and keep aside.
Cream the butter and sugar and to it add the eggs.
Fold in the mixture into the dry ingredients. Add the chocolate chunks and fold lightly.Butter a round baking pan and preheat oven at 340 F.
Pour the batter in the baking pan.
Next lightly whisk the cream cheese and add it over the batter. With a flat knife slowly infuse the cream cheese into the batter. Do not whisk.
Bake for 40 -- 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

In a pan heat the cream and butter just under boiling point. Pour it over the chocolate chunks and mix into a smooth paste.
Now freeze the mixture for around 2 hours. and the frosting is ready.

When the cake has cooled with a sharp large knife cut the cake horizontally.
Slather the cooled chocolate frosting inside and also over the top.
Sprinkle a handful of nuts on top.
Now sink into the chocolaty velvetness!

Happy New Year! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Run-up to Christmas!!

Christmas is not the same without cakes. With our moving to the new apartment I wanted to test my new oven and what would be better than a lovely Chocolate Vanilla Nut cake! I peeked into my pantry and discovered a packet of chopped hazelnuts and thought it would be lovely to include the nuts....
It was a snowy winter afternoon and even with the heating on, it was quite chilly inside. The warmth of the oven was inviting and even more inviting was the aroma of chocolate and vanilla . So here it is.... make your Christmas a little more delicious...(you are free to add any other type of nut or fruits if you like)

What you need:

For the vanilla batter:

Flour: 1 cup
baking powder:1tsp
baking soda:1/2 tsp
white powdered sugar:1/2 cup
brown sugar:1/2 cup
chocolate chips:1/4 cup
vanilla:1 tbsp
egg:1 lightly beaten
butter:4 tbsp molten
salt:a pinch

For the chocolate batter:

Flour:1 cup
baking powder:1 tsp
baking soda:1/2 tsp
white powdered sugar:1/2 cup
brown sugar:1/2 cup
chocolate chips:1/2 cup melted over slow burner with 2 tbsp milk
hazelnuts:1/4 cup
egg:1 beaten
butter:5 tbsp
salt:a pinch

Vanilla batter:

Mix all the dry ingredients.
In a separate bowl cream the butter and sugar. Slowly add the egg . Whisk well.
Now mix the dry and wet ingredients together. Add the vanilla and salt.
Fold the mixture in slowly. Add the chocolate chips.

Chocolate batter:

Same as the vanilla batter.
Mix the chopped nuts and the molten chocolate last.
Take care that the chocolate is at room temperature.

Now line the baking tray with a tin foil .Lightly brush melted butter.
First add the chocolate batter and smoothen it out.
Next add the vanilla batter.
Preheat the oven at 350 F.

Bake for 40 -45 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean.
Serve warm with a dollop of caramel vanilla ice will be in heaven!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A simple lunch

A simple curry..... heartwarming yet amazingly delicious,easy to cook but still reminds you of Ma er Ranna.... how good is that!
My Mother in law makes amazing bandhakopi r torkari.... and she showed me the trick...
Well.. I have never been a big fan of this vegetable.... tastes kind of vegetably (whatever that means!) and takes ages to cut and then of course it never seems to have any taste!
But then all of it changed 2 years ago.... I learnt how to manage this veggie properly...
Yes, you have to be patient and do a little bit of hard work... but the superb lunch we had today... was so totally worth it!

What you need:
Cabbage- 1/2 of 1 large finely shredded. Discard the outer leaves.
potato -2 medium diced
green peas-1/2 cup
green chillies-2 slit
ginger paste-1 tbsp
tomato-1 large finely chopped
turmeric-1 tsp
cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
cumin powder-1/4 tsp
garam masala-1/2 tsp
bay leaf-1
ghee(optional)- 1/2 tsp

Add the shredded cabbage to a pot of simmering water. Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes. Then discard the water and drain the cabbage.
In a pan add 2 tbsp oil, and sizzle the cumin , green chillies and the bay leaf with a tsp sugar.
Next add the ginger paste and tomatoes. Cook on medium heat until the tomatoes are cooked and oil separates.
Next add the potatoes and the green peas. Stir fry for a couple of minutes.
Add the drained cabbage , turmeric and salt. Stir for a couple of minutes and cover and cook for 25-30 minutes on low heat. Do not add water. Add water only if the cabbage dries up.
When the cabbage cooks down and turns all mushy, and potatoes have cooked, add the cumin powder and garam masala.

Stir in the ghee after the gas is put off. Serve hot with steaming rice.