Monday, October 26, 2009

Coriander chicken and a cold saturday lunch

No No...the lunch wasn't cold.... after all there is nothing worse than a cold lunch on a weekend...the day was unusually cold.... the sun was out though... and the patio was bathed in the usual warmth.... but the the nip in the air made it impossible to sit out and enjoy the warmth.... inside too with our old pink blankets wrapped around our feet... we had a hot and yum lunch....

I am back after a long time.. with the pujas at home and the festivities continuing... I was as usual too lazy to sit in front of the computer and blog....But now I am back in full energy...

I made Coriander chicken after a long time... I love the aromatic coriander ... because it goes so well with all our curries.... veggies or non veg... the fresh leaves and the pliant stems impart so much flavor to the base....and one of my favorite chicken dishes is coriander chicken.....

What you need to do:

Chicken~1 lb
yogurt-2-3 tbsp
fresh coriander leaves and soft stems-1 bunch properly cleaned. Exclude the hard woody stems
mint leaves-5-6
green chillies-4
onion garlic ginger paste-tbsp
cashew nuts-10
garlic-2 large cloves

Marinate the chicken with the onion ginger garlic paste and the yogurt.
Meanwhile put together the coriander, mint,chillies, cloves and garlic and a little water and make a fine paste in the food processor.
Also dry grind the cashew nuts .
Now heat oil in a pan and add the coriander paste. Put on medium heat and lightly fry the paste until the water starts drying up.
Next add the chicken and the marinade and increase the heat.
Evenly coat the chicken with the paste . Add salt, put the heat on medium again, cover and cook.
The yogurt will release water and the chicken would cook in that. If it dries up too much add a little water.
When the chicken is completely cooked add the cashew nut powder.
Put off the heat and let the chicken cook in its own juices.
Serve hot with jeera rice or pulao.... Hmmmm...... lovely...