Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kacha aamer chutney or raw mango chutney

My mother loves this.She calls it Kacha aam er jhol or just a very light sweet and sour concoction with raw mango and sugar.Chutney is the thicker counterpart..... just reducing the juice over low heat....
Anyways this a summer favorite back at my place and every day a bowl of chutney is prepared and devoured straight from the refrigerator. It is cool, sweet and really really refreshing!
Over here surprisingly in our Indian grocery store we always find a basket full of wonderfully fragrant green raw mangoes. I eye them and I think ...Gosh! How badly I miss the aamer chutney from home!My mother makes great chutney..... if there is family dinner or lunch she makes sure that her chutney is perfect...
Now chutney at our place is not like the conventional pickle kind of thing that is available in jars. Rather for bengalis chutney is a sweet and tangy savory concoction that is served at the end of a heavy meal to freshen the taste buds. It is not really dessert .... well something in between the main course and dessert can say!

How to make Aamer chutney:

raw mango-1 diced and the central seed removed (if you want you can add the pit too) Do not peel the mangoes.
salt-2 pinches
sugar-5-7 tbsp (depending on how sour the mangoes are)
panch foron-a pinch
white oil-1 tbsp
water- 2 cups

Heat oil in a pan and sizzle the panch foron.
Next add the mangoes and the salt.
Cook in medium heat , covered, for a minute or two.
Next add the water and cook covered until the mango pieces soften and the juice starts coming out.
If you want a thicker chutney , just simmer uncovered on low heat until you get the desired consistency.
Add the sugar when you think the mangoes are already soft and done.
Stir and remove from heat.
Pour in a porcelain or glass serving bowl.(avoid steel)
Chill in the refrigerator and serve just after lunch on the same plate and SLURP!!

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Chandan said...

bhalo jinis....khete bhalo, chat-te aaro bhalo...