Monday, December 8, 2008

Shorshe mach....A favourite

'Shorshe' or mustard has always been a favorite.... for the zing in the taste,for that beautiful color and also because it goes so well with nearly all fish dishes that we cook back home...
'Shorshe ilish' is a Bengali favorite.. no Bengali feast is complete without it....
This fish that I used in this recipe is not Ilish though...I substituted it with salmon which is available in all the supermarkets .... if salmon is unavailable any other white fish will do....
Ma-in-law suggested this recipe and the end result was an absolute delight...

6 medium pieces of salmon(any white fish will do)
1 tablespoon mustard paste
5-6 tbsp mustard oil or any other edible oil(i used olive oil)
2-3 split green chillies
2 tbsp yogurt or beaten curd
1/2 of a large tomato diced
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Rub the fish pieces with salt and turmeric and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan and fry the fish pieces until they turn brown on all sides.
Take out the fish and drain the excess oil.
Now in the remaining oil in the pan put in the tomatoes , a little salt and the chillies.
Fry until the tomatoes soften.Then stir in the mustard paste.
Put in the fish and let them cook in the gravy for a minute. Then put in the curd.
Add a little water to adjust the consistency of the gravy. Put on a lid and let the fish cook.Put salt according to taste.
Serve with hot rice.


soma said...

My first time here!! all these bong rec. are making me salivate. really. ...

Will keep visiting..

joyita said...

Thank you so much....!! Na you have an amazing blog too....