Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chaat and old memories!!!

Street food is one sinful thing I cannot live without.... be it rolls,kababs ,phuchka(golgappa), churmur . alukabli or the chaat..... oh how badly I miss them!!!
Coming to chaats I have heard Mumbai has amazing chaats on the beaches.. but I have never been fortunate enough to savor them....
I am quite happy with what Kolkata has to offer me....one of my first memories of having Chaat at kolkata is at GUPTA BROS.... a cafe at triangular park .....the amazing dahi kachori that they made steeped in yogurt and hot sweet tamarind date chutney.... I still remember the taste...
another place which we frequented was GANGAUR at park street....they have some amazing chaats there..particularly Rajkachori chaat.....
C and I both like to have chaats and I love to make them.....(most of the days I finish off the yogurt while I am mixing it)....
So here's one simple and delicious chaat that I prepare at home..... you can prepare pudina and tamarind date chutney to go with it... but Since I did not have tamarind or pudina at home I skipped them.....
Serves 2-3

Besan fefdas(savory chick pea flour biscuits floured with caraway seeds.... available ready made in most stores)- 5-6
plain white yogurt-200 gm
cumin powder-1 tsp
green chillies-2-3 cut into small pieces
potatoes-2 large
chana-a handful
sev- a small packet
coriander leaves
lime juice -1/2 tsp

Mix the yogurt thoroughly with sugar and salt and cumin powder .Adjust the sugar according to taste .I like mine a little sweet. Set it inside refrigerator.
Boil the potatoes and chana. Peel the potatoes and and cut thin round slices.
Mix the potatoes and chana together with salt ,lime juice and green chilli bits.
Next break the fefdas into bite size pieces and arrange them at the bottom.
Layer the potato mix over it.
Next pour over the yogurt and let it seep in. Mix lightly.
Generously sprinkle sev on top with coriander leaves.
Serve and enjoy!!


Mallika said...

Mukhe jol! How I miss it too. Have you been to the new Haldiram in Ballygunge? It's amazing...

joyita said...

No I have not been there.... but I will visit Haldiram's once I am home...!!And I will put up a post about the yummy things I have there!!:)