Monday, June 29, 2009


I remember , whenever we went out for dinners, baba and me would order soups and I wanted only Chicken Sweetcorn soup! I was totally in love with it and it was such a tasty appetizer......healthy yet incredibly tasty. I loved the boiled chicken pieces, the sweet corns and the egg white....
Since then, soups have been a hot favorite.So when C was craving for a hot and sour soup I decided to give it a try at home.... and it turned out fine...

What you need:

chicken stock:1 cup (I used 1 bullion dissolved in 1cup water)
sweetcorn, baby carrot, broccoli, beans- chopped fine 1 cup
chicken-2 tender breast pieces
chinese egg noodles- half of a packet boiled and kept aside
ginger -1 tsp fine paste
pearl onions-2 diced
thai chilli sauce-4-5 tsp
vinegar-1 tsp
soy sauce-1tsp
white oil -2 tbsp
lime juice-2-5 tsp

Boil the vegetables and keep them aside. Do not overcook them.
Cut out small chicken strips or the way you would like in your soup.
Season with salt and pepper.Fry in medium heat with white oil with the onions and the ginger.
Now in a saucepan , add the chicken stock and 3 more cups of water. Add salt according to taste.
Once the stock comes to a boil add the vegetables and chicken.
Next add the sauces and the vinegar.
Just before removing from heat, add the noodles.
Sprinkle lime juice and serve hot.

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