Monday, May 11, 2009

Beans in coconut and poppy seed paste

This is a very simple lunch dish .. one you can make in a jiffy and enjoy with hot white rice.
C came home for lunch and I had fresh beans in the refrigerator. So there I go and in 15 minutes this delicious veggie dish was ready.

To make this you need:

fresh green beans:300-400 gms
poppy seeds(posto)- 4 tbsp ground into a fine paste
coconut shavings-1/2 cup
nigella seeds-1/2 tsp
green chillies-2-3 slit (according to taste)
turmeric-1/2 tsp
white oil- 3 tbsp
mustard oil-1 tbsp

Heat the white oil in a pan and sizzle the nigella and the green chillies.
Next add the beans and fry for a minute .
Add little salt, the turmeric and cover the pan and put the flame on low medium.
Let the beans cook for 5-7 minutes.
Once the beans are soft, add the poppy seed paste and the coconut.
Mix properly with the spices and check the seasoning.
Before taking it off the heat just sprinkle them mustard oil and serve.

P.S.1. You can replace the white oil with mustard oil if you want.
2. This is a recipe I picked up from Sananda.... a popular Bengali magazine.

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